Capsulation of mineral fertilizers

Application of granules on the surface of granules (capsule), which slows the transition of batteries in soil environment. The outer shell on the surface of granules is based on waste products of polystyrene, regulates the intensity of elements release of mineral plants nutrition. The structure of membrane-forming concludes natural polysaccharides (starch, hydrolysic lignin) that contribute to biological destruction of polystyrene influenced by soil microorganisms. The use of domestic and industrial high-molecular waste products in the creation of film-forming composition reduces the cost of capsulated fertilizer and make them more affordable for wide agricultural application. Household efficiency and safety of these fertilizers confirmed by field studies.

Керівник розробки
Prof. Oleh Nahurskyi
Основні переваги
  • high rate of the mineral nutrients assimilation by plants;
  • no analogues on the market;
  • implementation does not require significant investment;
  • reducing the dose of fertilizer, the multiplicity of the dose.
Вирішує проблеми
  • reduce environmental pollution by residual agrochemicals;
  • technological aspects of industrial and household high-molecular waste products utilization in the process of synthetic fertilizers capsulation.
Тематика розробки
Раціональне природокористування. Збереження довкілля
Сфера використання
enterprises of production and consumption of fertilizers; agriholdings
sale of licenses; joint completion of the development to industrial level
Сфера застосування